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Hornets Flying Internationally

Did you know that in the last twelve months Ipswich Hornets have had three players and one umpire selected to ply their trade on the international scene?


In March, 2023, Darryl O'Sullivan was appointed to Umpire at the Over 50's World Cup In Cape Town, South Africa.


In June, 2023 Andrew Walsh was selected to tour with the Australian Over 60's team to the UK and has also been selected to play in Chennai in February, 2024 in the Over 60's World Cup for Australia!


On top of that, Craig Mackay and Simon Milton both played for Australia in Karachi, Pakistan in September and October, 2023, representing Australia at the Over 40s World Cup. Simon has also just returned from Melbourne after winning the National Championships with the Queensland Over 50's team!


These are just some of the opportunities for players and umpires to show their skills on the world stage.


The starting point is with Ipswich Hornets Veterans Cricket. We have teams in Over 40's, Over 50's and Over 60's and we are always looking for players, it doesn't matter if you want to play for Australia or Queensland or just to play the game you love again! Our competition is run during the Qld winter so the heat is less of a factor and it doesn't get in the way of watching or coaching your kids or grandkids in the summer!


For more information, email

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